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20" rolling shock rack case

20" ROLLING SHOCKMOUNT KODIAK RACK CASE - "Always outperforming the competition with advanced plastic technology and innovation"<

Rack Part # U Rack Size
Inside W=19" x 20" Depth (rail to rail) x Height
Outside Dimensions
D x w x H
Wt. in lbs.


3SKB-R04U20W*  20" deep x 7" high (2 1/4" Lid Depth) TBD 50 $694.99
3SKB-R06U20W* 20" deep x 10.25" high (2 1/4" Lid Depth) 28.75" x 27.75" x 19.50" 55 $724.99
3SKB-R08U20W* 20" deep x 14" high (3 1/4" Lid Depth) TBD 65 $759.99
*Restocking fee of 25% applies to this product.

The new Heavy-Duty 20" Rolling Kodiak Rack Cases have a durable Injection molded retractable pull handle and built-in wheels for easy maneuvering and rapid deployment. The internal frame  comes with threaded steel rails mounted with elastomeric shock absorbers on all eight corners.

Easy to remove front and rear lids are designed to protrude into the base of the case approximately 1" and their unique double wall structure makes them incredibly stiff where this intersection occurs. This rack case is water resistant.

Kodiak Rack Cases are offered in four different depth configurations:  20" racks, 24" racks, 28" racks, 30" racks or the 20" rolling racks. Each size has multiple height spaces ("U") to choose from.



SKB sets a new standard in Shock Rack-Mounted Case Technology with the new line of Kodiak Rolling Rack Cases.

    The 20" Rolling Shockmount Rack Case  features in-line wheels for supporting heavy loads. Easy to grip telescoping pull handle cushioned for carrying comfort.
    Everyone has experienced today's airport check-in ritual. Frustrating, exhausting and unfortunately necessary. Once again we lead the industry by designing cases with TSA recognized locking latches as standard equipment. TSA latches allow the traveler to securely lock their cases and still allow airport security to perform a contents inspection, then simply re-lock the case. Painless, efficient, safe!

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