Kodiak Rack Mount Cases
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SKB Evolves to a Higher Survival Standard with the New Line of Kodiak Shock Rack-Mounted Cases

Rack-mount are used mainly for servers and other sensitive industrial & military applications that must function properly at remote sites.

The Kodiak Cases meet every challenge with tough exteriors and rugged, uncompromising interior frames.  They were built to fulfill your primary need:  survival.

The Kodiak advantage is resistance to adverse conditions, a shock proof rack-mounted rigid frame and its easy to deploy space-saving design. Kodiak Cases are offered in four different depth configurations: 20" rack cases , 24" rack cases , 28" rack cases, 30" rack cases or the 20" rolling rack cases . Each size has multiple height spaces ("U") to choose from.

19 rack cases 19 rack cases 20 inch rack cases 24 inch rack cases 28 inch rack case 30 inch rack case 20 inch rack case rack computer cases


The Kodiak compound hinge system assures superior adaptability: open the latches, which can be replaced in the field, and the lid will freely swing out and around in a 270º arc so that it can lie flat against the side of the case.  You never have lids flapping in the wind or obstructing your work.  Want to go lid-free?   No problem.  All lids can be removed with a swift, easy lifting motion; and when you’re ready to move on, reinstallation will only take seconds.  Also, the front and rear lids are both fitted with a rubber gasket for protection against water.  But that’s not the only reason your servers will stay dry.  The unique plug-style sealing system means the lid actually penetrates the body of the rack with a molded protrusion that is about one inch thick.  This provides unrivaled sealing and anti-shear characteristics. A Kodiak can weather any storm.

But that’s not all.  The highly evolved Kodiak has replaced the metal coil shock system with the new elastomeric shock technology.  The eight HM-245 elastomeric shocks are capable of load ranges of 40 to 150 lbs. (18 kg to 68 kg), and naturally provide an increased level of protection for your valuable equipment. And when you’re on the road, if you need to adjust to multiple weight bearing requirements, you’re in luck:  all Kodiak shocks can easily be swapped out and replaced with additional shocks that can handle extended payload ranges.


A Kodiak is also equipped with ergonomic spring-loaded, rubber over-molded handles; recessed, heavy-duty twist latches; and removable 4-inch casters.  As a result, these meet most Air Transport Association and military specifications.  When you reach your remote site, each series of shock rack-mounted Kodiak stacks securely with wheels on or off.  And this evolutionary design allows both lids to open completely whiles are stacked.    


Like all SKB cases, the Kodiak are made out of ultra-high molecular weight Polyethylene. This unique material was originally a specification of the military for weapons , because it is impervious to solvents, fuels, toxic liquids and any other external challenges or accidents that can happen when on the road. The material is essentially indestructible and forms the impenetrable shield you know your sensitive technology can’t do without.


All SKB hard-shell come with The Million Mile Guaranty.  If you break it, SKB will repair or replace it – forever.  The evolutionary Kodiak Case arrives with The Million and One Mile Guaranty.  Why does Kodiak go the extra mile?  Because it can.

General Rack Information
Standard rack-mount are 19" in width. The internal (usable) height of a Case is represented in the form of spaces or "U". Each "U" is equal to 1.75". For example, 4U measures 7". The standard thickness is 4U, typically allowing three 5.25" bays and one 3.5" bay. The small-U units allow installation of computers with the smallest space. The depth of rack-mount cases can vary, typically at 20" and 24".




SKB sets a new standard in Shock Mounted Case Technology with the new line of Kodiak Cases.



rack cases - compound hinge systemOpen the superb quality field-replaceable latches on the left hand side of the door and the lid swings out... and completely around to lie flat against the main body. If you want to go "lid-less" they can be removed with an effortless lift motion and reinstalled with the same ease in seconds.



rack cases - frameThreaded steel rails and aluminum cross components are clamped together in an "H" shaped rigid configuration by four, 3/16" solid steel rivets at every intersection.


US RACKS 19" roto molded tuff shell with 17" front to rear rail depth and 2" lids. Great for rackable mixers, amplifiers, recording and playback equipment.
19" Standard Rack The world's most trusted rack-mount systems, 19" standard racks with front and rear rails. Molded-in bumpers on front and rear lid corners for maximum hardware protection.

Roll X Cases Made of polyethylene rotationally molded plastic with 2.5" wheels and industrial pull handle, Roll-X cases have a depth of 17" and accommodate 19" mount equipment with 3, 4, 5 and 6 space models.

Shallow X Designed for shallower depth effects products. New 10 3/8" depth on 2, 3, and 4 space X-racks will accommodate a wider variety of effect processors, signal processors, power conditioners, bass amps, line mixers, wireless microphones and cassette players.


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